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Warehouse Workers in the Future

Will Warehouse Workers Become Obsolete Over Time?

We are currently in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the logistics sector is one that is predicted to experience significant change and not only in the technology that is being implemented but also in the skills and experience needed to operate in the sector. Despite technology advancements – warehouse workers are still […]

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Returns Management

What is Returns Management within the Supply Chain?

Save time and money by ensuring you have an effective Returns Management process and WMS software in place. Definition – Returns Management is the supply chain management process by which activities associated with returns, reverse logistics, gatekeeping, and avoidance are managed within the organisation and across key members of the supply chain. Returns – a […]

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Drones in warehouses

Are Drones The Way Forward In Warehouse Management?

Drones are aircraft devices that are capable of flying and carrying materials above the ground. Drones are more often associated with outside activities, however they can also be used internally, such as in a warehouse. As with any emergent technology, many aspects of drone development are still in the works. Right now, drones don’t have […]

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implementation of a WMS can be complex

The Implementation of a WMS can be complex

Therefore, project planning is critical to the success of any implementation of a WMS. The initial project plans requires you to collect data on the physical warehouse, materials, inventory as well as defining the strategies required to operate the warehouse. There is the added challenge of implementing the system whilst still operating the warehouse. A […]

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100 percent fulfilment

Can Cloud WMS Solutions Ensure 100 percent Fulfilment?

Is maintaining 100 percent fulfilment rates within your warehouse an impossible dream? With the the right processes and the latest technology, it’s not only attainable – but sustainable, too. The explosion in e-commerce and multi-channel retail has blown the traditional wholesale and retail model apart. Web-based sales from such places as Amazon, fulfilled directly from […]

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