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Barcodes in warehouses

The Importance of Barcodes in Warehouses

Barcodes in warehouses will not only improve efficiency but will also increase profitability across your business. Across many industries, the most common and affordable method of traceability is barcoding. Barcodes in warehouses offer automatic product identification, extremely fast recognition and implementation of data. Although application complexity varies, it costs just a few pence per barcode […]

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Warehouse Return Procedures

Black Friday & Warehouse Return Procedures

Do you have clear return procedures in place in your warehouse before Black Friday hits? UK retailers could incur costs of £180m from consumers returning goods bought during the 24-hour sales period of Black Friday this year. Bargain hungry Britons are expected to spend £1.07bn on online shopping alone during Black Friday, up from £810m […]

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Inventory and Warehouse Management

What’s the Difference Between Inventory and Warehouse Management?

There seems to be a lot of confusion between the terms inventory and warehouse management As it appear to refer to the same type of materials management, but in reality there are subtle differences between the two. It is important for companies to understand the differences between inventory and warehouse management, because the type of […]

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inventory management

Is Automated Inventory Management Key To Your Business Success?

Inventory management helps businesses be successful and with more demanding customers and rising costs, it is more important now than ever before that companies harness technology as a key part of managing their operations, including inventory. In order to boost profits and support growth, it’s crucial to understand exactly how your inventories fluctuate and how […]

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warehouse stocktake

Ssssh did I hear that dreaded word?…. Time for the yearly stocktake?

Will 2018 be the year to end that yearly thorn in your side – the dreaded stocktake ! Does your yearly stocktake results in misplaced stock – out of date stock – too much stock – not enough stock and one big headache? As 2018 begins many companies will have just undertaken the toughest job […]

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