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RFID tags

RFID Tags Improve Efficiency

RFID tags will improve efficiency and visibility in your Warehouse. RFID (radio frequency identification) is an efficient way to transfer data and track items.  An RFID system is composed of tags or labels, printers, and readers (handheld or fixed).  RFID is becoming more and more popular in many industries for a variety of applications.  The […]

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labour costs

Reducing Labour Costs With WMS Systems

Reducing labour costs is top of many company’s agenda. Did you know a WMS could help reduce labour costs by up to 30%? Labour costs are likely the largest line item on your company balance sheet. Therefore, a successful cost reduction strategy must adequately balance resourcing and cost controls. Cutting your warehouse labour costs can […]

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Voice is a powerful technology – It’s time to explore Voice Warehouse Management Systems

Voice Warehouse Management Systems

Voice is a powerful technology – It’s time to explore Voice Warehouse Management Systems These days, businesses face a wide range of challenges. Within the supply chain, this is particularly true for distribution centres (DC), where supply and demand coincide. Management expects to be able to limit or even reduce costs, while handling more and […]

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invest in WMS technology

New Year Resolution – Invest in WMS Technology

If you have made a New Year’s resolution this year, make sure you add another one – Invest in WMS Technology ! A WMS system is a software application designed to help with the daily operations of your warehouse. The software tracks inventory, manages stock rotation and drives the workforce to ensure they are getting […]

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warehouse technology

Increase Efficiency With Warehouse Technology

Are you keeping up with all the latest trends in warehouse technology? Technology is an ever-evolving and ever-influential part of our everyday lives – and it’s advancing so quickly that it can be difficult to predict what is coming next. This sentiment is particularly true regarding the fields of warehousing, distribution, and logistics. New warehouse […]

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