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Warehouse Workers Are Your Number One Asset

Warehouse Workers Are Your Number One Asset

Happy Warehouse Workers are Productive Workers. But how do you increase staff morale and motivate a group of employees to work hard and help your business grow? As a business owner, you need to maximise revenue and increase productivity, which means you need your warehouse workers to work as efficiently as possible. Technology and logistics […]

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Warehouse Staff Motivation

Keeping Warehouse Staff Motivation High

Should staff motivation be top of your list? Whatever the nature of your business, a conscientious and enthusiastic team of employees is vital for your ongoing success. If working conditions are undesirable the result can mean lower work performance, increased error rates, injuries and absences. However, just the opposite can occur by keeping your staff […]

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Warehouse Workers in the Future

Will Warehouse Workers Become Obsolete Over Time?

We are currently in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the logistics sector is one that is predicted to experience significant change and not only in the technology that is being implemented but also in the skills and experience needed to operate in the sector. Despite technology advancements – warehouse workers are still […]

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wms user training plan

How to put together a WMS user training plan

When implementing a new warehouse management system, or any other large platform, the right training can make all the difference in maximising your ROI. User training can reduce errors, improve usage, maximise efficiency, and test things beforehand so that your team has the time to fail and grow before it impacts your bottom line. It […]

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Warehouse staff satisfaction

Warehouse Staff Satisfaction – Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Is there more to just paying your warehouse staff good wages? It’s no secret that warehouse work is labour intensive, demanding and repetitive. Physical fitness is a must and there are numerous workplace hazards to look out for as well. For managers, it can be a challenge to keep their warehouse staff safe, engaged and […]

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