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warehouse voice picking

Warehouse Voice Picking at its Best

Is Warehouse Voice Picking the future for busy warehouses? Whether you have a distribution centre that specialises in high velocity picking or a warehouse full of pallets and cases, warehouse voice picking solutions allow you to experience both speed and accuracy in either situation. Accuracy is essential to ensure consumer safety and satisfaction, as well […]

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Wearable devices in the warehouse

Wearable Devices Continue to Dominate the Warehouse Floor

Talking to your smartphone or digital assistance to get directions or ask a question seems part of the course in today’s world. If you’re like most, you have already started using voice services & wearable devices and as each year goes by, you use them more and more. The reasons people use voice and wearable […]

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voice technology

Voice Technology Enabled Warehouses = Happy Workforces

Staying ahead of your competitors, increasing productivity and keeping your workers happy can be a real juggling act. Is using the latest voice technology the answer? Looking for ways to provide a better experience for your customers and keep your staff happy comes down to better customer service and more efficiency in your operations. Voice […]

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