Cloud Based Warehouse Management System

ClarusWMS provides robust, Warehouse Management System (WMS) functionality without over complicating the solution for users.


Goods In – Receiving and Putaway

ClarusWMS will ensure that stock is received properly into the warehouse, if it doesn’t come in correctly you don’t have much hope of maintaining stock integrity going forward! Purchase orders, pre-receipts and advanced shipment notifications can be entered into the system ahead of any deliveries and used to reconcile the delivery note. Users can then check off items using mobile device or tablets. Any discrepancies can then be flagged and investigated. Record important information about the products being received such as batch numbers and expiry dates. Intelligent Putaway algorithms are used to direct items to the most efficient holding locations, improving future warehouse tasks. Stock being received is required for an order going out? No problem, we can simply send it straight to the goods out bay. Want to do something a little different with your goods in process? That’s not a problem. Using the workflow manager you can customise the process to suit you and your customer’s needs.

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Stock and Inventory Management

Have a real-time view of your current and forecasted stock positions. Gain confidence in your stock by improving accuracy above 99%. Stock checking will never be the same again. Clarus Warehouse Management System can initiate checking tasks to ensure all stock is checked over specified time periods. Any discrepancies can be acted on to ensure the stock is as accurate as possible at all times. Replenishments will ensure that there is always enough stock within your pick faces to fulfill any orders or waves. Tasks are auto-generated on trigger points and allocated to users automatically. Produce detailed reports of your stock positions and make sure the business is never caught out with shorts or over orders.

Ensuring Optimum Stock Levels

Goods Out – Picking and Dispatching

Drive your workforce to pick orders in the most efficient way possible improving pick rates and accuracy of fulfilled orders. Pick multiple orders at once with Wave picking functionality that will intelligently group together similar orders to minimise trips around the warehouse. Streamline your packing operation with system directed packing tasks and integration into courier and transport systems. Improve fulfilment accuracy and make sure you are not sending out anything you shouldn’t be.

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Barcode Scanning Made Easy

Utilise mobile devices to enable barcode scanning. Available on any device with a web browser such as RF rugged hardware or even an iPhone! Improve workforce efficiency by 20% and accuracy by 30% by utilising barcodes within your warehouse.

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Business Intelligence out of the box

Built in business intelligence allows you to surface the information that is important to you in real time. Understand exactly what is going on within your warehouse and act on any issues that have been detected. Create your own Key Performance Indicators and display them on user specific screens, ensuring that users see relevant information that helps them do their job. Be proactive, not reactive!

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Powerful Reporting

ClarusWMS gives you access to your data in whichever way you would like it. Create your own reports and either view on the system or export into Word, PDF or Excel. Set up schedules to automatically run reports and email them out. Grant access to suppliers or customers and allow them to request their own reports in the system. Built in reports and analytics allow the warehouse manager to understand the performance of the warehouse and any bottlenecks that needs to be addressed.

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